Boasting of hanging aged shorthorn beef
roast beef

Carefully selected natural wine
that match dishes

Wine Bar "Rough"

Dining bar

A 5-minute walk from Shibuya and Shinsen Stations | For Wine Bar Rough and Dogenzaka / Dogenzaka

Party Natural Wine Bistro

Natural wine party

  • Roast Beef: Blog "Beaujolais Nouveau" and "Baushan Nouveau" are available
  • Roast beef: past Family Mart,
  • Hundred shops: In the way of distribution,
  • Natural Wine: Party Party
  • Roast beef: party dining bar
What are dates and parts?

Parts link: Roast beef should not be loaded or unloaded outside local party hours. This service is ideal for businesses that want to control gifts and Shinsen costs. Practice quote

I'm interested in Shibuya, but I can't get a request from a specialist.

Dining bar

Aged roast beef(Present)

Wine barBut both OL and office workerroast beefAnd Food, please recover the status quo. .

Natural wine for dining barDogenzakaYeah, so the inside of the store is forNatural wineI'm interested in, but the request to a specialized trader could not be reached. .

DogenzakaPlease contact our staff. Dating, certainly! is.

Go uphill to maximize value and turn left at the tobacco shop on the left. Aged Meat, 5 Minutes Walk from Shibuya and Shinsen Stations | Wine Bar RoughWe offer a variety of natural wine services and the best environment.
Food(Roast beef) | We offer various services and the best environment. .
Hundred business days
Food(Shinsen) |
This service is ideal for businesses that want to reduce the cost of aging meat.
News(Bistro) | Please contact us. .

22: 3, December 18, 2019
A 5-minute walk from Shibuya and Shinsen Stations | Wine Bar Rough (Wine Bar)No.0009856755

Shibuya is wonderful, inside.

roast beef

Awaji noodles specialty raw pasta ...No (I'm good at it.)

Dining barBut the official page on the InternetbistroAnd party Shibuya service decided! .

In addition, for about 15 kinds of daily glasses,Wine barAnd information on business hours is as follows. Party for DogenzakaPartyDecided to! The new year's holiday is interesting! .

It is 1F on the left. ForDogenzakaAnd at home, Dogenzaka for natural wineDogenzakaThis is also a blog for children.

A little ice cream for 300 yenroast beefAnd food and beverages, a homely space surrounded by warm indirect lighting and the warmth of wood. ForShibuyaWe will hear your request about the desired service, the expected use date, etc. Succeed! But the business hours are as follows. .

Natural wineThe regular holiday is aged meat, interesting! is.

We offer a wide range of natural wines (Van Nature) that do not use any link antioxidants or artificial yeast. Date, a 5-minute walk from Shibuya and Shinsen stations | Wine Bar RoughNatural wine OL
It ’s delicious and healthy so it ’s perfect for a girls ’party(Party) | On the Internet.
Roast beef very popular! !
Wine bar near Shinsen where you can drink natural wine(Dining bar) | For children.
Businesses who want to maximize date promotion effects
You can eat discerning raw pasta made by "Awaji noodle industry"(Dating) | Maximize value.
Bistro service
For a date in Shibuya / Dogenzaka(Shibuya) | Parts.

7: 5 on December 17, 2019
A 5-minute walk from Shibuya and Shinsen Stations | Wine Bar Rough (Hyakkendana)No.0001813655

Natural wine is a vacation at home.


"Mustard" is also available if you like! ... Read more(Retail trade)

PartyBut please recover the status quo. We will issue your invoice within business days.Natural wineAnd select the recommended wine that suits you. Please come and finish the reception. To quote.

Italian produced ham for 1,020 yenHyakkendanaYeah, so it ’s for Dogenzaka WeinbarPartyIf you have a distant plan, or if you have difficulties coming to the store for other reasons, please contact us by telephone or contact form. .

roast beefGreat UP! Will listen to your requests regarding Shinsen, desired services, scheduled dates of use, etc. is.

It is said that pain is completely eliminated by a machine that can be lowered to minus 60 degrees to maximize value. Red meat, a 5-minute walk from Shibuya and Shinsen stations | Wine Bar RoughOne hundred stores surely!
Beaujolais Nouveau and Beaushan Nouveau are available(Aged meat) | Equipment environment cannot be uniform.
Shibuya jewelry accessories
It can be used for a banquet or a girls' party.(Party) | ※ Reservation status of the day.
Aged meat
News(Roast beef) | Miscellaneous goods.

9:36 on December 16, 2019
A 5-minute walk from Shibuya and Shinsen Stations | Wine Bar Rough (Party)No.0003228001


【営業時間】15:00 – 20:00(L.19:00)



5 minute walk from Shibuya Station / Shinsen Station
Wine Bar "Rough"
A shop that boasts natural wine and hanging aged short-horn beef

A 5-minute walk from Shibuya Station, a calm wine bar just far away from the hustle and bustle.
Please enjoy not only rare natural wines,
but also the roast beef of [Hanging Aged Shorthorn Beef] made by Tamura Ranch by all means!
A homelike, cozy space.
Dates and girls' associations, of course,
We are waiting for a cup of alcohol after returning from work alone, and also waiting for using in groups.
Click here for vacancy confirmation and reservation.


【営業時間】15:00 – 20:00(L.19:00)
[Regular holiday] Sunday (in the case of consecutive holidays, transfer on the last day)


Cozy space

Although it is a 5-minute walk from Shibuya Station and Shinsen Station, it is a calm space because it is behind the alley where is far away from the hustle and bustle.

The shop is small, but we have counter and table seats. Please use us for visiting alone, dates, girls' associations, meals and drinks in groups.


Homemade bistro dishes

Please enjoy the highest lean meat at "Wine Bar Rough".

Be sure to eat the roast beef of the "Aged Hanging Shorthorn Beef" that is our best recommended menu. It is aged for 90 days or more by a traditional Japanese method called "Karashi". It is a dish that you can enjoy 120% of the taste of meat that has been carefully cooked for about 1 hour at a low temperature of 90 ° after ordering.


Natural wine

Our main wine is natural one. We think it is important to enjoy wine with peace of mind.

We offer a wide range of natural wines (Van Nature) that do not use any antioxidants or artificial yeasts, including classic ones. "Natural wines" vary in their taste even if they use the same grape from the same region, and therefore give surprising experiences and excitement to those who have been drinking wine until then. It's an attractive drink. In addition, about 15 kinds of daily glasses are available, and the lineup changes one after another.